Fancy and Nugget - Warrenton Studio Pet Photography

6:23 AM

Everyone, I want you to meet Fancy and Nugget, two young and absolutely adorable dachshunds that spent the weekend with us and had a photoshoot in the studio.  They are completely spoiled and loved by their mom very much.  But really?  Who couldn't love those two adorable faces?

Here are a few more of Fancy, her cute face and beautiful dapple coat suits her well.  She had trouble sitting still during her session, she's just always so excited.  But we managed to get a few good shots.

Then there is Nugget.  He's a bit slow to catch on to things, but he sure is quite the love bug!  And he really has quite the cute little smile!

And what is a photo session in the studio without some outtakes?!

"Now which way do I look?"

"Hang on, let me shake out my beautiful flowing ears."

No, no guys, don't look that way!

"Are the treats over here?"

"How about over there?"

"Oh, I'm supposed to look up?"


Don't forget that Furry Paws Photography is always excited to create images like this of your sweet pups.  Contact us today to find out how!

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