Dog Friendly Fauquier - Walking the Whites Mill Trail

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After several weeks of rainy weather here in Virginia, I decided it was time to throw all of our dogs in the truck and head out to rediscover one of our favorite walking paths here in Warrenton, the Whites Mill Trail.

The Whites Mill Trail, roughly 2 miles in length, is outlined on the map below in gray.  There are two entrances to the trail, in a cul-de-sac behind Bayfront Motel off of US 29 (by the traffic light at the 7-11), and a small parking area down gravel road at end of Academy Hill Rd.  Of course, if you live in the Whites Mill subdivision there are ways for you to enter the trail without driving.

The entrance off of Academy Hill Extended Rd. is closer to my home, so we use that entrance.  After passing the housing development to your left, the paved road ends and the gravel road begins.  Keep going, the parking lot will be about a 1/4 mile further.

The trail lies between the wetlands along the Cedar Run and the Whites Mill housing development along Rt 29, though what used to be Whites Mill, a mill and home that operated along the Cedar Run from the 1700's and 1920-ish.  The mill and house changed names and hands through the years, but no longer visible today.  Despite the fact that the trail is in such an urban area, there are many birds, plants and flowers to see along the way.

There is an information kiosk at the entrance to the trail, and a doggie cleanup station that has a well-stocked box of poop bags and trash can.  Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they are kept on a 6-ft leash at all times.  There are a few other doggie clean up stations along the way for your convenience.

After my dogs sniffed around the kiosk and conveniently did their business right by the trash can, it was time to head off.  The trail is paved the entire way and is very easy to navigate.  While my dogs sniffed at all the exciting smells along the way, I took a moment to look around at the scenery.  Nearly half of the trail is shaded, but there are areas that aren't, so during hot days I would recommend morning and evening walks.

Halfway through the trip we had to take a short break.  Walking four dogs by myself is out of my dog-handing skills, so on this trip I enlisted the help of my mom and daughter.

Before we hopped back in the truck, I took our dogs to the edge of the Cedar Run, and someone really enjoyed cooling off in the water.

Now that is the look of pure doggy joy!

Reminder: Please clean up after your dogs!  Even though the county provides the doggie clean up stations, trash cans, and supplies poop bags, we still saw a few piles of dog poop.  Please help keep the trail clean!  Everyone who uses the trail will thank you!

Word of Caution: Since a good portion of the trail borders the backyards of the subdivision, you may come across barking dogs racing back and forth along their fence line, so if you have highly reactive dogs, you may want to stick to the trail at the entrance near the hotel.  And since trail is beautiful in the warmer months, you may come across a photographer or two photographing clients.  But otherwise, it is a low-key trail, perfect for those who want a quiet walk with our without their dogs.

Location:  Warrenton
Distance:  Almost 2 miles
Parking:  Small parking area at the end of Academy Hill Rd. and in cul-de-sac behind Bayfront Motel off  of US 29
Pets:  Pets on a leash welcome
Difficulty: Easy.  Mostly level, paved trail.
Restoom Facilities: None

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