JACKI ~ Chief Dog Photographer/Wrangler

Here is where I think I need to say a few things about myself.  I am the photographer and writer behind Furry Paws Photography.

Even though I started my photography career photographing people, I closed that business and opened Furry Paws Photography in 2014 after discovering I enjoy photographing pets rather than people.

I am also passionate about animal rescue and adoption, and donate much of my time to local animal shelters and rescues photographing dogs available for adoption.

I live in Fauquier County, Virginia with her husband, daughter, step-daughter, 4 adopted dogs, 3 ponies, and the occasional foreign exchange student.


ATHENA ~ Chief Ball Tester

Athena is our 7 month old German Shepherd puppy adopted from Two Hearts One Home Rescue.  She is exactly what you would expect from a high-drive, high-energy shepherd and is absolutely obsessed with balls.  She can always be seen carrying one around the house, and if she wants to play fetch, she will drop one in your lap or at your feet.  Her enthusiasm for balls makes her a great  tester!

PEANUT ~ Chief Treat Tester

Peanut is our Jack Russell/Dachshund mix adopted from Middleburg Humane Foundation in 2011.  She has the worst...I mean best...of both breeds.  The energy of a Jack Russell and the stubbornness of a Dachshund.  Her bark is her superpower.

She loves to eat, so much so that she needs to be kept on a strict diet or she will end up waddling across the floor.  But that makes her a great treat tester...if she doesn't eat it then you know it's bad!

EVE ~ Chief Toy Tester

Eve is our Chihuahua mix that we adopted from Middleburg Humane Foundation in 2015.  She has all the spunkiness and attitude you expect from a chihuahua, and even though she is a diminutive 7-lbs she rules the pack.  She makes us laugh with all of her antics, and when she is in trouble she pretends to fall asleep.

Her favorite hobby is destroying toys, so she's a natural at testing a toys durability and "fun-factor."  

FREJA ~ Chief Outdoor Adventure Tester

Freja is our year old German Shepherd/Akita mix we adopted from PetConnect Rescue in 2015.  She has boundless energy and really loves being outdoors.  The longer the walk or hike, the better for her!  She has the stamina and drive for even the most difficult of terrains, making her a great hiking companion.  We recently discovered she also loves to swim!

REBA (2008 - 2015) ~ The One Who Got It All Started

We adopted Reba from Virginia German Shepherd Rescue in 2010, and she is the reason we now live a very dog-centric lifestyle.  We adopted her, and then Peanut....and then it just went downhill from there.  She was the best 4-legged friend anyone could ask for, and loved and protected her family very much.  We miss her so much even to this day. 

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