Giving Back

Here at Furry Paws Photography we are deeply committed to animal rescue, welfare, and adoption,  and volunteer many hours with local animal shelters and rescues.  With so many adoptions starting out online via social media and websites such as PetFinder, it is extremely important that shelters and rescue organizations have access to professional quality pet portraits to help these homeless animals make a positive and lasting first impression and increase overall adoption rates.  

I am so thankful that I can be the voice of the voiceless animals.  Here are some of the ways I give back to the animal rescue community:

  • Provide FREE portrait sessions for adoptable animals
  • Provide FREE event photography services for fundraisers (candid, photo booths)
  • Donate portrait session gift certificates for fundraisers and silent auctions
  • Promote events and animal rescue efforts via my social media outlets


In addition to working directly with animal rescues, I am now offering incentives for clients who have adopted their animals from local animal rescue organizations!

Each month 10% of proceeds will be donated to a local animal rescue.  AND, if you have adopted your animal from my Rescue of the Month, you will receive a $25 credit when your session takes place during their month! 

Here are my 2016 Rescue of the Month participants:

September – WAAAG
November –  PetConnect Rescue
December – Paws for Seniors

If you have an animal rescue and would be interested in working with Furry Paws Photography, please contact me at  I look forward to speaking with you!

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